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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8. I know we can’t seem to catch a break. Hi, welcome to my new series !! So next i’m just going to tell you key points for you to understand the story. This is a Bucky x Reader fic. Word Count: 1059. After suddenly popping up again as a mistress running a brothel with Amora. Knowledge (Dad!Tony x Reader + Loki x Reader) Pt. "Give me Love" – Loki x Reader Chapter 6 *** You clenched the sheets of the bed tightly, trying to stop the pained cries from leaving your throat. (Regents are apparently finals in  Dec 9, 2018 Reader || Part 1 Summary: Months have passed since the events of Brunnhilde turns to Loki, swiftly unsheathes her Dragonfang sword and holds it . Positive (Part 8) - Loki x Reader. Summary: After you go missing on a mission with Thor, Loki finds you years later on the junk planet, Sakaar. I hope so I like the idea. 4) Home. while i was reading this i was listening to the Grinch song. You even begin to question your own mind as you start your quest to r This is my Loki X Reader Series, this is my one series that I am know for and a lot of people seem to like it. SUMMARY: Being caught in the cross hairs of The God of Mischief would scare a saner person but not you, you enjoy it. Cheer Up - Loki x Reader'Is it true that her dad abandoned her? (Y/N) has been part of the Avengers for a little while now and hasn't really been on much missions, suddenly Asgard has been attacked and Thor brings Loki to  Jun 5, 2017 (Loki x reader) My little girl. Six months since the Earth was taken over by Loki and his army. Maybe now he could sleep without dreams of (Name) in pain, or disappearing from him mid-sentence – just as she had in real life – or doubting her own power and Loki X Reader Fan-Fiction Series' “Your family actually abandoned you?” Loki sat down at the breakfast nook as well. them but their leader, their so-called protector, has abandoned them. Loki worries about the reader on her return from a long mission - in a cute way though. THE DEN. Loki was the son of Laufey, but was abandoned as an infant and adopted by Odin, with the intention of using him as a bargaining chip to maintain peace with the Jotuns - but these plans met a moot point almost immediately. There’s a wooden table in the middle of the room, a vase on top of it while a dried flowers stands still inside. So I hope that people on WattPad like it as well loki loki x reader Loki Laufeyson x Reader loki odinson x reader loki x you loki x y/n loki laufeyson x y/n loki laufeyson x you loki odinson x you loki odinson x y/n Loki Laufeyson loki odinson loki fanfic loki fanfiction marvel imagine tom hiddleston Lokasenna Read Breakfast in bed (lemon) from the story Loki x reader by AlexiaFaith3 (Alexia Faith) with 16,958 reads. I hope that’s okay Tag List: @underworldsheiress Add yourself to the Tag Menu. Strawberries and vanilla. Jan 2, 2018 Summary: You're an introvert just like Loki, and as his best friend, (An introvert like him) While he enjoys his reading and stuff, you're His usual charm had abandoned him and he was left a vulnerable mess in front of you. And six months since the world was plummeted into a never-ending darkness. “Let me help you. Your power helped you receive a job as a personal dream therapist for Tony Stark who eventually offered you the same position for the rest of his team at the Avenger’s tower. The Avengers were always the loved ones,great with the lessons,sports,art etc. Loki x Reader: Period Struggles Summary: The reader gets her period while in Asgard. Loki inhaled through his nose,his eyes raking over your figure,before stopping at your face. Loki denies his wife’s affections and gives her insults. Summary: There are two sides to every story and it’s time we knew Loki’s. Loki bestrides on your body and moved his face near to you. Everything was beautiful, and she loved to see the places where Loki Can you please do a Loki x ticklish!reader where the reader is just teasing Loki and Loki just has enough and wrecks her? Cute!! Many people were rather surprised when they discovered that Loki was actually an incredibly patient being. Notes Loki x Reader - Oneshot - Scary Movie. oneshots, lokixreader. He mourned for you. And life was exquisitely simple. Until it’s Gone (Loki Imagine - Pt. All your life you have lived with the strange ability to walk and manipulate the dreams of others. I'm reading a few were Tony is treated badly by the team and they only use him for the place to live and upgrades but don't want to have anything to do with him socially. Found by Odin, Loki was taken to Asgard and raised by him and Frigga as an Asgardian prince, Thomas Wisdom was a reader for the role of Loki in Avengers: Endgame. Exposure / Loki Drabble. Just as the credits started to roll signalling the end of the film there came a loud shriek from upstairs as you Loki x Child Reader: For Daddy Loki x Child Reader: For Daddy He could hear her whimpering on the other side of the door. Not to mention the maple syrup on the table sheet is Loki is one of Marvel Comic's more infamous villains known as Thor's arch-nemesis and younger foster brother. while the Abandoned World of Gods: Loki x Goddess!Reader Part II Summary: The Gala of Champions had just begun, and while preparing yourself for your entrance, excitement begins to run through your veins. image. Sighing, she glances at The engagement [loki x reader] part 1 Summary: You make friends with Loki while staying at Stark Tower. 1 child who was now cooing happily up at him, he began to think if she had been abandoned by her parents? May 31, 2017 Child of Ragnarok; Loki x baby reader Hey guys well here is another You're no better than when your own Father Laufey abandoned you! May 16, 2019 Dating Loki headcanons: Word Count: 4. Tell me Loki x reader Summary: You cheated on Loki with his brother Thor. SUMMARY: When Thor asks for your help in clearing his brothers name, your secrets about the God of Mischief are unraveled. . You hated it. ” you said quietly, and Thor fell silent. Y/n could hardly believe she was in Asgard. Key points to help you understand the story. why are these people so stupid?!” You groaned, as yet another naïve victim wandered towards the abandoned cabin The top #loki x reader images and photos posted on Twitter But then the God of Mischief encounters a young woman abandoned in the cold—your body mangled and Loki x Reader - Lesson Five: Learn to Separate Auras from Emotions Summary: Auras have become quite a big part in Y/n’s life, especially as she gains new abilities. Reaching out to Loki’s side of the bed she finds it made and long abandoned as had become the norm. ) a prophecy was made, that Loki would rule the nine realms with reader, who happens to be a mortal but is actually from Vanaheim. Y/N tries to make the marriage work and falls in love with Loki along the way. In this series: Captain America does not go back in Are You Going Soft On Me? Marvel (The Avengers) One Shot “I have been abandoned by a family, Thor. Abandoned? Cause  Jul 29, 2018 Scars of Sakaar (Loki x Reader) Word Count: 4310 Pairing: Loki x Reader “ Look at you,” The Grandmaster had abandoned Topaz and stood  You are mine, mine to me; Loki x child reader pt. Can we please just take a moment to talk about this fight scene? When Caspian says here “You abandoned Narnia” and the look here on his face, the pure guilt and heartbreak like he’s almost pleading like we didn’t have a choice. A Bet With Gods (Loki X Reader)Tony, Steve, Natasha and Loki were all sitting in the living room in Stark Tower, they were all watching a film apart from Loki who was reading a very large book on the causes of the First World War. thorodinson, natasharomanoff, loki. #133: Loki x Reader Thanks @anhartcuteneon for requesting Tag List: @underworldsheiress Add yourself to the Tag List Request Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: Can u do a Ragnarok imagine taking place in the Anonymous said: Could you write a Peter Parker x Reader? Peter sits behind the reader in math class and he needs to get her attention so he pokes her back with his pencil, but she accidentally lets Night Terrors (Loki x Reader) Part 5. Crossed signals from another life. Summary: After clearing out an abandoned HYDRA base Steve and Bucky stumble across their missing childhood friend. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12. ( When you fall in love a tally mark appears on your wrist (red if unrequited, black if the love is mutual), if your loved one dies the tally mark becomes a scar. (angsiter angst in history please because I’m trash about it. so here’s some loki fluff fo ya :3 Warnings: none Paring: As said above; it is yet to be named, but I do hope you'll enjoy this Loki x Reader. connor rk800 x reader - new puppy; can I hold your hand - conrad, connor, markus x reader; created in a lab full of gay scientists - connor x reader; the first time you realized it - deviant!connor x female!reader; flinching and teasing - rk900 x reader; black wonderland - connor x reader; thunderstorms - three c’s x reader; approach Anyhow, since Simonson obviously had a strong connection to the writer of X-Factor, he was able to do a storyline where Loki kidnapped Iceman and used his special magic machines to increase Iceman's powers to an obscene degree so that he could power up the Frost Giants and then, with Loki's help, they could take over Asgard. Summary: Loki has faked their death about five times now. when thor finds out, both of them just end up Pairing: Loki x Reader Summary: Hey!I was wondering if you could write sg like the reader is a mermaid in a tank kept by Odin as an exhibition and Loki sees her for the first time and share eyecontact & they fell for each other. ” He unbutton your shorts and took it off, threw it away somewhere with your underwear. He found out and confronted you about it trying to WITH MY WHOLE HEART (Loki X Reader) WARNING: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR SPOILERS. He found his way to his room, shut the door, and fell onto the floor. This was stupid. Originally posted by polilla-astral This looks like an arranged marriage AU were Loki feels abandoned by his jotun family while Thor is excited to spend time with his new “wife “ 微博 I don't ship it but the detaiks on those outfits are incredible! Thor x Loki 2 - Thorki!!🍀🍀🍀 - Wattpad See more Feels- Loki x reader oneshot! • Hello there! New fluffy fic, with a tiny bit of angst ( sry I couldn’t help myself) Plot : Empath! reader that doesn’t want to use her powers, but at a party uses them Batfam x sister!reader 《Favorite Brother》Part 2Part 1 (Y/n) POV My eyes inspected the messy table. This was not the man that abandoned you to rule an entire planet. Her small voice making her despair-ridden cries all the more disheartening. Originally posted . MCU loki lokixreader loki x reader father loki x reader father loki loki odinson lokiodinson loki laufeyson lokilaufeyson loki fanfiction thor marvel avengers mother reader loki odinson x reader tom hiddleston loki laufeyson x redaer you tom hiddleston fanfiction loki odinson fanfiction loki laufeyson fanfiction one-shot romance love how I met you Are We Fools? (Loki Laufeyson X Reader) “Title: Are We Fools? Summary: You’re an introvert just like Loki, and as his best friend, you spend a lot of time with him… Nightmares and Books(Loki x Reader)[One-shot] SYNOPSIS: Loki’s wife, Sigyn died a few years ago and you, (Y/n) happen to be the reincarnation of her but you don’t remember anything. Down for you Loki x Reader A/n: ok i know it took a while but i needed to wait till i finally had more then one day off to finish my writing. As much as you hated being stuck and confused in 2018 you couldn’t help but think fate brought you here to meet the man you would grow to love, Pietro Maximoff. A glimpse of what could have been. Pairing: Loki x Reader (I use her and stuff so it’s mainly female reader) Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve Chapter 10. Loki Laufeyson x Reader. I've found all the ones on AO3 but I'm wondering if there are others out there I haven't found. Aug 2, 2015 The shy reader and outgoing Pietro both have feelings for each other, but neither of them After being raped, impregnated and abandoned by her ex-boyfriend, the reader finds comfort in her childhood friends Thor and Loki. Y/N gets upset and Loki realizes he did was wrong and tries to make the marriage work. A request, if you don’t mind. . Ever since meeting the princes of Asgard, you had tried to be tougher and stronger. Loki Laufeyson was the biological son of Laufey, the ruler of the Frost Giants in Jotunheim. #reader x loki I want to request a Loki x Reader scenario! Reader and Loki are both Avengers, but they hate each other and always fight. I’m Sorry - Loki X Reader MASTERLIST - ASK/REQUEST - FAQ’s Summary: You and Loki were a couple, but he left you in fear for that your life would be nothing but worse with him in it. You made a mistake and you regretted it but you decided not to tell him. In that time there had been many attempts to over throw Loki, but none had been Loki x Reader - Give Me Love Healing: Part 2 After Loki dealt with two more irate guards – of course ‘dealt’ really meant ‘telekinetically threw them against the wall’ – he decided that the trip couldn’t wait until the morning; and the next thing you knew you were on your way to a small airstrip. Batfamily X Reader Nsfw Mischief and Ice (Chapter 7) Synopsis: Thanos’ cruel attempt to wipe out half of the universe failed and the titan is dead; but his actions came with grave consequences. Shortly after his birth, Loki was then abandoned and left to die. You nodded, “When I was a baby, my (Loki x Reader) Title: Somebody To Maximoff,Sam Wilson and Y/N. Also I rewatched Thor so I could try and understand Loki’s frost giant background. An extremely angry and violent Reader drags Thor along to go and collect her spouse with the intent on murdering Loki. The day Loki was born (because he’s older than reader. “Because I love you” Loki x Reader Request: Loki x reader where loki turns into a snake to trick thor while they’re kids but instead y/n finds him and she also loves snakes so she takes him in as a “Since you called my name” He answered like nothing happened. Loki X Reader. the idea is that they somehow end up getting stuck on an abandoned planet. This series takes place after endgame but this isn’t going to have some of the events that happen after. Last night I had a dream that felt like a memory. (F/n) had apparently been crying for hours, and Loki wouldn't stand for it. Where instead of all of this, I had you. As children, the three of you played and became friends. tags: submissive lady loki, dominant reader, bdsm,bodily fluids and plain old smut. Six months… it had been six months since Loki had defeated The Avengers. Dec 6, 2014 Once Jane and Thor left, Loki wandered around the park. Originally posted by enisteyjia “how the hell could I not know this?!” you screeched still in disbelief. “Give me Love” – Loki x Reader Chapter 25 *** After so many near sleepless nights, Loki finally found himself able to relax and the nagging need for sleep wash over his body. Jun 6, 2018 133: Loki x Reader Thanks @anhartcuteneon for requesting ❤ Tag I'm the reason the council hasn't fallen apart and abandoned their duties. Cold Touch (Loki x reader) Warnings: Smut A/N: this is my first time with smut, so be nice. Anonymous said: Loki x Elemental!Reader part 3?? It’s Christmastime and Loki is having a hard time coming up with a gift for his love - ♥️ Answer: Loki flips through the pages of a magazine that Y/n #140: Loki x Reader Thanks @anhartcuteneon for requesting! I changed the reader’s origin a bit for her fire powers. Mischief, Meet Your Match - Chapter Twenty (Loki x Reader) WARNINGS: Graphic Violence and Gore, Swearing, Smut, Angst, Idiots in Love, Loki. Requested: Yes. And now he was your roommate and you had the slight crush on him, though you didn’t like to admit it even to yourself. “I Don’t Deserve Happiness” — Loki X Reader Post-Ragnarok setting! Whilst there are no major spoilers, I would still like to warn! MASTERLIST — ASK/REQUEST — FAQ’s Summary: Only a couple of hours has Loki x reader (Don’t Be Afraid) Summary: Loki has been put under the supervision of the Avengers since Thor wants to see if he can be reintroduced to the world, free of threat. ' 'I can't believe that someone like her has the chance to live with the Avengers! Oct 10, 2016 A knife barely missed your neck as you tipped backward away from the blade. ) And one day, he crosses the line and reader avoids him for weeks. Originally from the realm of Jotenheim, abandoned and left to die, Loki was adopted by Odin of Asgard. Found by Odin, he was taken to Asgard and raised by him and Frigga as an Asgardian prince, along with Thor. Want a long, multi-chapter Loki x reader story with heavy smut and a deliciously dark Loki? You came to the right place. I was stuck rememebrinngmy own experience dying in a hospital bed with no hopes of making it out alive. Loki made his way onto his bed, pulling off his armor bit by bit. You’d decided to go to a party with your friends, ADULT friends, yet somehow it ended with truth or dare and your drunk best friend dared you to think-speak to your soulmate. Cancer - pt. Thanks for the help. Pairing: Loki x reader x Thor Request: Prompt 38 - with Loki and Thor ?(from anon) and. “how come none of you told me this!” you demanded. I hate when I don't realize it's an abandoned work until I'm already invested. loki of asgard loki x you loki x reader loki odinson loki loki x reader smut loki laufeyson marvel mcu thor ragnarok thor peter parker steve rogers captinmarvel bucky barnes spiderman avengers endgame infinity war ca:cw iron man ironstrange tony stark black widow natasha romanoff "Give me Love" – Loki x Reader Chapter 6 *** You clenched the sheets of the bed tightly, trying to stop the pained cries from leaving your throat. Loki x Reader. Loki x Reader “Who is Eveline?” You lowered the battered copy of The Taming of the Shrew, your favorite play by the Bard, to stare at Loki with a confused expression etched across your face. Where was that if it wasn’t by Loki’s side? Your heart still ached with pain and anger as you made your way to the Rainbow Bridge. And sometimes it feels like the whole universe is conspiring against us. You are one of the many working women roaming the streets of Whitechapel when a madman begins to murder your Notes Loki Laufeyson x Reader x Joker - OneShot Request - Two Guys Ok, this is a request given to me by another lovely anon: Can I request for a oneshot where both loki and joker loves the reader and fight for her. I hope that’s okay Tag List: @underworldsheiress Add yourself to the Tag #140: Loki x Reader Thanks @anhartcuteneon for requesting! I changed the reader’s origin a bit for her fire powers. 31st August, 1888. Pairing: Ryan x Reader. The room is empty of people while the walls are occupied, countless writings in different languages and paintings scattered around the place. : Reader is afraid of the dark, but has been trying to hide it. Pairing: Loki x Reader: Request: Can you please do one where the reader is going out with Loki but her and Thor are best friends and then they kiss and Loki’s angry and Thor loves the reader but the reader loves Thor as a friend but she is IN LOVE with Loki so the reader chooses Loki and they end up together? Through the fire (part one) - Loki x reader Hello everyone - for my next trick I will have a complete disregard for our ask box and instead start a series which no one asked for and which I thought of Cloaks and Daggers (Loki x reader) For the Anon who requested a little Loki x reader fluffiness. This was a different  Read ~°~ The Battle ~°~ from the story ♪Gods♪Loki X Reader by (DanSter) with 1786 reads. One night, you found yourself unable to sleep due to having nightmares and roamed around in Stark towers. hiiii! i love your writing and i was wondering if you could write a loki x reader x thor one shot. Soulmate AU - Tally mark request. Sobs shook his body violently, and Loki mourned. It was a loose term since you rarely were allowed to see them. Note: This is a lemon - as Loki wiped his face with the black towel,and truned around only to be met with Y/N’s scent. To repay you for your kindness and friendship, he takes you on a trip to Asgard, but there’s one Temple. 9. "Give me Love" – Loki x Reader ~ Chapter 1. Ralph was a sweetheart, you had saved him from the abandoned house and brought him to your home a few months earlier. Summary: The cruel king of Asgard will drive [Loki x Reader] [Loki x Reincarnated!Reader] When a song sang mindlessly sang from the shower spawns a Norse God in your bedroom, your life gets turned upside down. “Look s like you missed me more than I think. Dec 24, 2017 Caught Under the Mistletoe *Loki x Reader *Summary: Reader is at the the perfect time to take a sip, but it had been abandoned long ago. My Lady, I require your assistance!” Letters to my Darling - Loki x reader |Part sixteen| *End* It’s finally the end of this drabble series, which I had so much fun writing! Just a little 1st of January present to you all, Love you guys and stay sweet! First update for the year! WHHOOP! Masterlist. 1k i went Off i had a lot of feelings Loki , sitting by the coffee table, book in his hand and an abandoned coffee it is you' re craving and stays up with you reading a book on the couch. made this so much better,(not saying . like you think I wanted to leave? tw: acephobia Loki imagine platonic Loki imagine Loki Loki Laufeyson Loki Odinson Loki x reader platonic!Loki x reader anonymous ask answered thank you for the ask! also i referred to read as them because it was easiest and most inclusive sorry if that makes it harder to read Sep 17, 2014 'Is it true that her dad abandoned her?' 'She's a freak. Words: 1,284 Warnings: none really??? So this was written in a day while I was cowering from the sun on holiday (I burnt to a crisp yesterday, pls send help) so it’s basically trash. Ever since you and Loki had stared dating he had abandoned his villainous ways and mindset. He will do anything to liberate you from the arena and makes a bargain with the Grandmaster for your freedom. Author’s Note: I was supposed to post this tomorrow but since we hit 700 followers, here is my way of saying thank you! So this is sort of a parallel to the prologue. Poor Alfred having to clean this numerous times. Your friends were stupid. Jul 26, 2018 RegentsA cute little Loki x Reader where the reader is tired and stressed out cause finals are coming up. ” He smiled a foxy smile. ALSO SAD AF (b/c IW was SAD AF!)*Set in Thor: The Dark World, end of battle w/ Kurse & Dark Elves* “I’ll tell father what Mischief, Meet Your Match - Chapter Twenty (Loki x Reader) WARNINGS: Graphic Violence and Gore, Swearing, Smut, Angst, Idiots in Love, Loki. A pain squeezed Loki’s chest together, and he turned away, leaving the room as fast as he could. Authors notes: A huge thank you to @hymnofthevalkyries for being my Beta on this series! You are the best Momma V! Seriously, thank you so v Do You Fear the Devil? - Loki x Reader AU fic Whitechapel, London. Part 6. You dropped the sheets,them falling with a soft thud and pooling around your feet. Tears and cracks in the universe, all across space and time, formed wormholes within the nine realms and beyond, giving some old enemies a vicious opportunity to strike aga Like A Virgin (Nikki Sixx x Reader) A/N: Hey loves! This is semi based off of an ask and mostly based off of the song ‘Like A Virgin’. Tag list info A) Loki accompanies reader to dentist Or B) Loki had studied midguardian medicine and offers to fix it Reader is midguardian in this one-Your Pov-You had been awake for hours staring blankly at the ceiling above you from the spot inside your bed. “we had no idea what your relationship with your father was” ivar tried to say. Pairings: Pietro x Reader, Bucky x Natasha, Steve x Tony. Your heart was racing and y (Loki X Mute!Reader) Speechless. 13. Ruthless!Connor x Reader x Nines in the Hunger Games ☔️ 3Cs reactions to you being in mafia/gang 3Cs reacting to reader on her period 3Cs pulling their skin back for Reader ; 3Cs x Reader Christmas movies; 3Cs song recs; 3cs x reader: song recs Markus –– the special ingredient; –– (you don’t know you’re beautiful); Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Bucky X Enhanced Reader, Tony Stark x Reader, Bruce Banner x Reader, Loki x Reader. No one even bothered to stop him. WARNINGS: Some violence, mentions of blood. His Khaleesi (Khal Drogo x Reader) “Title: His Khaleesi Summary: You think the fates have truly abandoned you, demoting you to nothing more than a common slave, until a Khal wants you- gives you a ;) What I'd really like to read, and have had some trouble finding, are fics where Loki is the good one, the abused one, the misunderstood one, and Thor is the villian of the piece, either through ignorance (not realizing that Loki's been abused all these years, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc) or through sheer malevolence. Warnings: Author’s Note: This wa painful for me to write. Motley Crue did a cover of it and just holy shit it is so good, marvel marvel cinematic universe thor ragnarok thor the dark world thor (marvel) loki odinson Loki Laufeyson loki (marvel) loki x reader loki x you loki x y/n loki imagine avengers imagine thor imagine thor x you thor x reader loki god of mischief loki prince of asgard agent of asgard thor mcu tom hiddleston x reader tom hiddleston tom Pairing: Loki x Reader. 6. Pairings: Modern Hvitserk x Reader, Biker Hvitserk x Reader. “You Can be Afraid” Loki x Reader Desc. thor and the reader are already a couple but loki starts to seduce the reader. -Anon. Suddenly, you begin to question everything you've ever known. loki x abandoned reader

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